Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thoughts on Pineapple Express

Yes, I finally saw this film after a long time of waiting for just the right time to watch this but alas, tonight I said fuck it and decided to watch it. For the supposed rebirth of the stoner-comedy-buddy film, I wasn't very impressed. In fact, I was pissed off. Waaaayyy too much action that's done with guns. Anyone with half a brain who knows anything about stoner comedies knows that the one thing that kill a good stoner comedy laugh-along is prolonged gun fights. During the last act of the film, there's so much gun-firing coming out of nowhere that I completely stopped caring about whatever the plot was supposed to be about. I give this film two stars max, and that's only because of the first half of the film.

Hopefully someday someone can answer for me why the third and final act had to kill off everything that this movie had going for it. Hell, even Beverly Hills Cop managed to be more funny than cool while still including a lot of gunfire action. The problem here of course is balance. There's no balance between the action sequences and comedy sequences. The dialogue suffers as well in the third act as some of the worst written shit comes out of the main characters mouths while fighting off the main bad guys and gal. And Daryl from The Office. Is this how he wanted to go out? It's like he didn't have a choice as he needed the exposure in branching out of the tv series into films. Final verdict? It's like the weed wore off halfway through the writing process and the screenwriters went with their lost drugged thought "Uhhhh....stoner action heroes?" This had potential to be better, not a whole lot but enough. With the strong buzz from "Superbad", Seth Rogan and friends were able to phone this one in and bring in enough media attention to sell this ditch weed like it was high-grade schwag, screwing over their fans with the ultimate con.