Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting back to nothing I missed....

This is town is dead to me...or at least that's the way I feel sometimes. It's been six years in the making and this "Mitch-All-Together" graduation cake that I call a waste of tiime and money still hasn't fully baked yet. By the way, my name is Derek, not Mitch. I just had to give proper credit where it's deserved. Moving on.

I don't know what to expect of myself these days. I just came across something that I found written 4 months ago while I was with Sydney in December. I wrote that I felt like I was playing the role of the bum in the relationship with her playing the scholar. She sees potential in me and that's great because so many times I don't. I continued on writing that she's the one working her ass off while I'm the one freeloading around without a purpose, a plan or a goal. Damn, I hate it when my past self nails it. I should make an application where you could be pen pals with your future self. That way, you could call yourself out on something that you know you would probably do later on. I could probably enlist Tio or his roommate Travis to help me in this effort. Anyways, I'm getting distracted.

So today, I ran into the mailman for McCollum, Ace, that white haired dark glasses wearing cool guy. Yeah, I ran into him at the Kansas Union while I was picking up my mail for KJ in the Union. He found out that I worked for KJ, that I'm also the Hip-Hop Director, and that I also do the Japanese radio show. I found out that he listens to KJ, that he knows when my show is on and that he's heard my promo! Holy cow, this is the coolest mailman ever! So yeah, that was a moral boost for me because honestly, who the hell else listens to my show besides Sydney? I don't really know but have been curious.

Speaking of which, let me take this opportunity to further say just how much I love her. This girl is my everything and then more. She cheers me up when I'm done, instills confidence in me when I have none, trust in me more than I trust in myself and oh yeah that's not even mentioning how beautiful, seductive, desirous and devlish she is. Basically, she gives a whole new meaning to the word "cute", which doesn't even do her justice. Simply hearing her voice is all my brain needs to turn instantly to mush. So yeah, I love her.

It's been an hour into my writing center shift and still no one has come in yet. It makes me wonder what people do when they do get someone in here. I mean, I should be doing my homework but for some reason when I think of homework I get this overall sense of anxiety that drives my attention far, far away in an instant towards the opposite direction. Maybe its because if I thought about what I need to do for homework I would freak the hell out and then realize that I'm wasting my time right now when I should be doing homework. Damn again.

On a positive note, I do enjoy this current station that I'm on right now for this Pandora project, currently listening to the "Miho Hatori" station but a minute ago I was gleefully stuck on the "Takako Minekawa" station. I have know began to think of what I need to do for my classes. I'll go ahead and publish this for now and then come back later to add more to this post.

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