Monday, October 8, 2007

A hole in the ground....

So this is a hole in the ground blog, dedicated to relieving the stress of one veteran college radio deejay whose seen the good times roll past too quickly. Too much shit going on to stop and take in everything around me. Lawrence, Kansas is good people but the good ol' days are spinning by too fast.

This won't be a sob-blog ("needing a place to cry and mope because no one wants to have coffee with you anymore") as I have come across some while browsing the blogger site. No, this will be a life distilled, slowly breaking down everything we walk past daily, pushing aside the beautiful for the next disgusting moment in humanity brought to you by the MCM ("mass circus media").

At its most basic core, this site will also be one of interactive material taken from my daily life, including concert pics, interviews with artists, film clips from past shorts and anything else I come across in my past five years in college. Just remember, its not about how long or short the race takes, just as long as you finish in the end.

You can take classes on how to make violins from the best violin makers in the world and it won't matter because in the end if you can't make a violin when I say make a violin I'm going to hire the guy over there because even though he learned from average violin makers, I know that he can make me a violin and thats all I need.

This above analogy has been eating at me ever since my Journalism professor told me this a month ago because it rings true of everything we do in life. It doesn't matter where you went to school, if you even went at all, if you can't still do the tasks for your job. This is my ultimate problem in life as my universe consists of a long, tattered string of incompletes weighing me down as I try to keep moving forward each day.

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