Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Test in progress, the rest is retail...

So its time to see what this hum-drum sucker is really capable of. So for this exercise I'm going to need a volunteer jpeg from the crowd. Now don't come rushing up all at once, and hey, GIFs & BMPs, scram!! Sorry about that, now like I was typing I want to test out this baby and see just how many pesos a company would shill out when they see how nice and interactive this blog could be. On with the programme:

Now be nice as this guy to the left is a fellow pub-crawler of Larryville (yes, i still refer to Lawrence as Larryville) who by this time of the nite wants very badly to avoid any bright lights or flash photography. However, when he stops by
my pad and start muttering gibberish, i have to document the occassion and then reward my friend with more booze. His girlfriend (not pictured but sitting right next to him) was in happier spirits.

But what am i listening to right now? time to figure out that I love music from all over this world (et tu, Japan?) which is why i'm bumping the following.....

hmmm...curious if this is working, cuz if it is you should be listening to Malawi musician Esau Mwamwaya covering M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" track off her latest release "Kala." Much love goes out to IHeartComix for originally getting a hold of this. Definitely run over to their site, its like 50 clicks to the west from here, might be able to get there by sun down. Moving on, time to try and fix that picture above......hmmmm.

Now that this has been a successful blog hit with many 'funderful' moments, i have to close this test like Manhattan and bury the project forever under loose red tape and conspiracy speculation ("What does the 'Manhattan Project' of the WWII days have to do with the Teenage Mutant Turtles 8-bit game which spots the same name?"). Maybe some questions are better left for the history books. Peace to the Beasts....mission control, out.

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